Understanding Anti-Kickback Legislation for Medicare-Medicaid Fraud

The healthcare field has some of the most fluid state and federal laws. At the law firm of Webb Millsaps, we can help keep you abreast of changes that can impact your business. Put a skilled Boca Raton Healthcare attorney on your team. One of the best ways to avoid trouble is by understanding the law.

Federal Anti-kickback Legislation

As your Boca Raton Healthcare lawyer can explain, the federal government is cracking down on suspected Medicaid and Medicare fraud. It’s important to understand prohibited conduct to help keep your business running smoothly. Unfortunately, even seemingly benign activities can have devastating consequences.
The law prohibits healthcare providers from accepting bribes or kickbacks in exchange for referrals or services for items paid for by Medicare and Medicaid. While the definition of a bribe or kickback may seem clear cut, it isn’t always. The Officer of the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services has wide latitude in interpreting the law.

Risk of Non-compliance or Statutory Violations

As your Boca Raton Healthcare lawyer can explain, providers or companies accused of violating anti-kickback legislation can face serious criminal and administrative penalties including license revocation, steep fines and potential jail time depending on the severity of the violation. When you engage the services of a skilled healthcare lawyer, your attorney can review your company practices, educate you on the law and help you avoid any potential problems before they arise. Likewise, if you face a complaint or charge of violating state or federal law, your first call should be to an attorney qualified to assess the case against you and help you understand your best legal options going forward.

Seek Legal Advice from a Boca Raton Healthcare Lawyer

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