Affordable Corporate and Business Counsel

Florida healthcare lawyer Webb Millsaps believes in providing competent, yet affordable, counsel to his clients. Mr. Millsaps and the Health Law Firm of Florida have assisted clients on matters big and small. Our emphases have always been on providing the best legal advice, being responsive to our client’s needs, and offering the most competitive rates in the area. Some areas where we can help healthcare businesses and professionals include:

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Health Law Firm of Florida understands the complexities and highly regulated nature of the healthcare industry. As a result, we are in a unique position to advise healthcare businesses in their mergers and acquisitions of other businesses.

We are experienced on performing due diligence, drafting purchase agreements, creating management agreements, and even identifying businesses that would make a good target for acquisition. We have assisted businesses in every facet of the complicated merger and acquisition process and can help facilitate the deal and can help ensure that every legal requirement is met.

Healthcare Business Restructuring

If your business is experiencing financial or operational problems or are simply considering a strategic overhaul, you will want a Florida healthcare lawyer. We have helped hospitals, physicians, and other organizations examine their current problems, brainstorm solutions, and take action to restructure their businesses to meet professional goals.

Areas of restructuring can include refinancing of loans, negotiating with suppliers and vendors, completing forms to finalize the new business entity, and other areas.

Regulatory Counsel

There are a myriad of complex laws and regulations governing the healthcare industry and its corporate transactions. New healthcare laws are being passed like the Affordable Care Act. In addition, existing laws remain as confusing as ever. That is why you will want a Florida healthcare lawyer on your side that has years of experience in the industry, as opposed to hiring a general practice business attorney.

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If you need corporate and business counsel for your healthcare business, contact Florida healthcare attorney Webb Millsaps. Webb Millsaps and the Health Law Firm of Florida offer some of the lowest rates in the areas, and we never sacrifice on quality of service. Contact us at (561) 900-7238 to discuss your professional or business healthcare needs.