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The Webb Millsaps Law Firm provides an array of healthcare law services and solutions to its clients from advice on relatively small health law regulatory issues to helping complete multi-million-dollar business transactions.

Our firm offers healthcare law services and business counsel for healthcare providers, suppliers, and others working in the healthcare industry. Our firm, also known as the Health Law Firm of Florida, is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals achieve their professional and business goals.

How the Health Law Firm of Florida May Help You

Our firm is committed to helping you with your health law needs. Whether you are looking for a healthcare lawyer to help you as regulatory counsel, licensing attorney, business and transactional counsel, or to help you resolve a potential problem with regulators, our goal is to get you where you want to go in a cost-effective, yet highly effective manner.

Some areas where can help you include:

  • Merging and acquiring healthcare companies
  • Providing regulatory analysis and counsel
  • Drafting management agreements
  • Drafting buy-sell agreements for physician groups
  • Giving advice on Stark, Anti-Kickback, and physician self-referrals laws and regulations
  • Structuring business transactions for healthcare entities
  • Developing physician practices
  • Defending Medicare audits
  • Helping complete hospital-physician joint ventures
  • Establishing ancillary practices for physicians

Keep in this mind this is only a small sampling of how Webb Millsaps Law can help you meet your professional goals.

New Healthcare Laws – Boca Raton Florida

Healthcare law is a rapidly evolving and constantly changing field, and you will need a Florida healthcare lawyer to keep current on all the requirements. Recent laws like the Affordable Care Act have added many new requirements and restrictions in the healthcare industry. In addition, older laws like the Stark Law and Medicare laws continue to provide problems for many healthcare professionals.

Contact the Health Law Firm of Florida – Boca Raton

Webb Millsaps Law offers counsel for healthcare providers and suppliers. If you have a question about a healthcare need for your business or practice, contact the Florida healthcare lawyer at (561) 900-7238. You do not have to navigate these complex laws on your own.

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