How a Florida Healthcare Lawyer Can Help

There are many different ways how the Health Law Firm of Florida can help your healthcare business and practice. Some ways include:


Telemedicine represents a burgeoning niche in the healthcare industry. Telemedicine generally includes professionals using telecommunication technology to provide healthcare services remotely typically to patients in hard-to-reach places. Webb Millsaps and the Health Law Firm of Florida can help your business set up a telemedicine practice and provide medical services to patients regardless of distance.

Physician Ancillary Services

Healthcare businesses are turning to ancillary services (such as diagnostic testing centers, cancer centers, and labs) to generate revenue. However, there may be many challenges to opening an ancillary practice. These challenges can include meeting regulatory and compliance requirements as well as challenges related to the business transaction itself.

Home Health Agencies

Patients want to receive treatment and recover where they are most comfortable – at home. Being a home health agency has unique challenges, as you would have to provide skilled staff and proper equipment to ensure the wellbeing of the patient. Home health agencies

have to balance making the patient feel as comfortable as possible while providing top-notch health care.

The Health Law Firm of Florida can help home health agencies with all of their unique needs from staffing to licensing requirements. We can also help professionals looking to establish a home health agency or incorporate one into their practice.

Physician Practice Management Companies

Physicians and healthcare practices are consolidating. This allows these groups to take advantage of economies of scale and to access capital that they may otherwise not have access to. Many physicians are choosing to sell their practices to physician practice management companies as a way to get bigger.

However, a physician practice management company may not be for everyone as you may lose autonomy and your future success may be tied to other physicians in the company. In addition, how do you know how to value your practice?

The Health Law Firm of Florida can help you go over the pros and cons of joining a physician practice management company. If you decide this is the step you want to go in, we can also facilitate the transaction and can help make sure you get proper value for the deal.

Contact a Florida Healthcare Lawyer

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