Special Considerations for Healthcare Business Restructuring

An experienced Boca Raton Healthcare lawyer can assist in a variety of ways to help ensure compliance with ever-changing healthcare laws in the management of your practice. Special problems may arise during the sale or restructuring of a healthcare practice. Let your attorney advise you how to proceed.
Restructuring Plans

Our firm has decades of experiencing counseling and representing individuals, practitioners, and businesses in the healthcare field. If you are considering buying, selling or otherwise restructuring a healthcare process, a seasoned Boca Raton Healthcare lawyer can review your business plan and counsel you on your best options. We can assist with the preparation of purchase and listing agreements, change of ownership documentation, due diligence and help you understand and comply with the licensing requirements involved. We can also assist with your search for viable candidates for purchase. Once a change of ownership takes place, we can counsel you on the steps to be taken for Medicaid recertification. Regulation of the healthcare industry has only increased over time and our firm can help keep you up to date. Let us take the worry and guesswork out of your restructuring plan and help keep your business running as seamlessly as possible and let you focus on patient care.

Importance of Regulatory Compliance

Your Boca Raton Healthcare attorney can explain the risks and penalties associated with violating the regulatory law. They can be severe and devastating, putting our license and ability to conduct business at risk. The sooner you consult with a qualified healthcare lawyer, the more options you may have for your restructuring plan. Your attorney has the expertise you need to navigate the rough waters of healthcare regulation.

Discuss your business model and practice plans with a skilled Boca Raton Healthcare lawyer who has decades of experience representing physician groups, practice management companies and other practice managers. We can help you understand complex healthcare law and help ensure you have the regulatory compliance needed to keep your practice running smoothly. For an initial consultation with the law offices of Webb Millsaps call (561) 900-7238 to set up an appointment.