Healthcare Contracts the Importance of Ironclad Provisions

The healthcare industry is one of the most highly-regulated and competitive industries in the United States today. If you run a medical facility, you should be concerned with the thoroughness of your employment contracts. A Boca Raton healthcare contracts lawyer can help you draft an employment agreement that not only meets your needs as an employer but protects the office as a whole in the event the employee is abruptly terminated. For advice about employment contracts that is specifically tailored to the healthcare industry, contact attorney Webb Millsaps today.

Boca Raton Healthcare Contracts Attorney Discusses the Important Components of an Employment Agreement. Well-drafted employment agreements contain certain vital provisions that could mean the difference between significant liability and a disgruntled, but unsuccessful, former employee. The following are common in the healthcare industry:

* Non-compete agreements, particularly involving other physicians practicing the same type of medicine
* Access to billing, patient and office records in the event of an audit or investigation
* Apportionment of medical malpractice in the event of a claim
* Allocation of liability in the event of a regulatory issue or similar claim by state or federal authorities

As you can see, the above list covers just a fraction of the possible issues arising within healthcare employment. Your attorney can not only assist you with physicians’ employment contracts but those pertaining to nursing and support staff as well.

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